Slovenia's Iskratel launches multi-gigabit GPON home gateway

Slovenia's Iskratel launches multi-gigabit GPON home gateway

Iskratel, the Slovenian information, and telecommunications equipment manufacturer, launched the Innbox G92 multi-gigabit GPON home gateway for high-speed connectivity.

It comes with an integrated fibre-termination unit (FTU) to reduce operational expenditure and optimise the total cost of ownership (TCO) for operators.

"As fibre-to-the-home (FTTH) technology becomes increasingly more essential, so does the demand for operators to unlock the full potential of gigabit connectivity. Iskratel’s latest launch, the Innbox G92 delivers multi-gigabit wireless connectivity and guarantees superior user experience," said a press release from the Kranj-based telecommunications solutions provider.

The Innbox G92 provides high-speed Wi-Fi 6 coverage inside the home and supports multi-gigabit mesh Wi-Fi.
Iskratel Business Development Director Mitja Golja said: “Designed for high-intensity use, such as multi-streaming and gaming, the Innbox G92 is an affordable solution that optimises operators’ TCO and offers their customers an uncompromised user experience.”

Providing superior wireless coverage with Wi-Fi 6 and equipped with multi-user, multiple-input, and output (MU-MIMO) technologies, the Innbox G92 is designed for network-intensive tasks such as advanced triple-play services and multiple Ultra-High-Definition TV streams to be delivered over a wireless or wired home network, it said.